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Website design

We designed our own website, can we do one for you?

This site doesn't compete with Hollywood blockbusters - but neither does the price.

Here's a single page we did for our local church:

We charge 99 for a single page site;
for multi-page sites, like this one, we start at 75 for one page; then 50 per page.

The small print: you supply pictures, the information you need to be included, and a domain with telephone support. If you don't have a domain, we can recommend good value, reliable vendors.

Running costs: a single page website typically costs 25 per year, depending on the tld (.com,, etc.)
Multi-page sites cost around 80 per year.

In each case, allow at least 20 to buy the domain to start with, for one year
(discounts apply to longer rentals).
Updates are charged on an hourly basis.

Need photographs? Click here...

Website created in house. All content copyright KIROS IPC Ltd. 2009-10.

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