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When you engage a supplier, you want to know how much the job will cost.

Unfortunately there are some suppliers out there whose attitude seems to be:

"We do the job and we send you a bill. What could be simpler?"
We offer something simpler:

40 an hour.

The small print:
our standard rate is for office work, meetings, or travel.

But discounts are available for more than 2 hours' travel; more than eight hours' work; or for any regular slot
(e.g. a fortnightly review meeting)

We also try to help customers with less than 5 employees.

Free work: inevitably, there will be some "scoping" and quotation work in any contract. This is effectively free work - but we ask you not to abuse our generosity! We tend to work on short contracts, so the introductory phase eats up a lot of our time.

Minimum charges: once we are charging, our minimum project fee is 30. But for searches, we charge 50 minimum; and for website design and build, 99 minimum. pdf copies of patents and legal status reports are 5 each.

If you are new to patents and trade marks, you may think these charges are high.

So we invite you to compare both cost and clarity elsewhere.
We think you'll be back.

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